Mark Klarzynski – CEO and Founder

Edda was the inspiration behind Konsie, the moment that I realised how amazingly far behind healthcare technology was when compared to the world around us.

On the Tuesday I and a friend were discussing the A.I. technology he was working on. The technology would be part of a self-driving car and would determine whether a pedestrian of up to 30 metres away was ‘likely’ to walk onto the road. Pretty amazing when you consider everything that the technology would have to take into account and process.

On the Thursday I was sat at the hospital bedside of my Wife’s Grandmother, Edda, who had unfortunately suffered a stroke. Sadly, Edda did not recover from the stroke.

The family could not be sure when this had happened, Edda’s daughter, my Mother-in-law, had found her on the floor in the morning. Although we do not know whether an immediate response following the stroke would have changed the outcome, we knew strokes are time critical and that inevitably led to many questions and emotions.

I found it difficult to balance the two events; we are creating technology which could determine a pedestrian’s likely next move, we drive cars that will automatically brake and can even park themselves, we can even talk to our smart home. Yet we seemingly could not determine whether someone was lay on the floor and likely in need of help!

At that moment I realised not only how technology fails the individual, but how it fails their family also. It’s not just about technology providing an alarm in an emergency, it’s also about providing the family with peace of mind during the average day, when they are at work or shopping. After all, most of the time everything is fine, it would be good if we actually knew that with confidence. And if there is an accident, then we should have the reassurance that it will be detected instantly.

After spending a lifetime innovating and creating technology, I am fortunate enough to have worked with some of the world’s best thinkers and developers throughout my career, so I gathered a small, extremely talented and passionate team, and Konsie was formed.

Edda lived an amazing life, full of wonderful stories, tremendous family buffets and of course almost fitting knitted Christmas jumpers.

A.I. at this moment cannot prevents strokes or accidents in the home, but it can ensure immediate care and provide the family with real-time confidence.

Why is technology failing us?

Today’s standard fall detection alarm consists primarily of a panic button with smarter versions containing some level of basic electronics such as an accelerometer. The principal has always been that the individual will carry or wear the alarm. This is simply not the reality, a recent BMJ study showed that over 80% of those whom had remained immobilised on the floor for over 1hr following a fall, owned such an alarm, however they were simply not wearing or unable to use it. Just like Edda.

Some newer solutions detect a break in simple patterns, for example, if your Mother has not visited the bathroom or kitchen for a few hours, then maybe there is a cause for concern. Although there is a place for this, it does not solve the real issue that following a fall, stroke or heart attack, it is the response time that determines the outcome. Waiting for a change in pattern is simply too late.

No one doubts A.I. is the future, it’s time to use it in the home to provide a realistic solution to real life problems. Think of it as a virtual personal assistant, just sat there making sure all is OK and only pops up when needed”.

Konsie. Peace of Mind. Made simple.