Chloe Sinclair – Beta Program Manager

This was one of those heart-warming stories that painted such a nice picture and has a smile at the end, we just wanted to share it.

Konsie was around 12 months old and we were working with various healthcare professionals and organisations, leaning more and more about the cause and impact of falls, which covered the science. But of course, It’s always important to learn from real life situations and the actual people you want to help. During one such chat we met a gentleman, David, who discussed how he felt when his Father fell.

These are David’s actual words:

As I grew up, I guess like every kid, I was forever tripping up or falling off my bike. My Father, he always seemed to be there, just at the right moment to pick me up, brush me down and make it all okay.

When it was my turn and he needed me, I can’t get past the fact that I wasn’t there. I didn’t even see it coming. I was only 5 miles away, but it might as well of been 500.

Just a simple accident, tripped over a shoe. 4hrs, 4hrs before a neighbour saw him through the window.

It could have happened to anyone, but his mobility is not so great, and well, he just couldn’t get up. He wasn’t hurt, he was lucky, and typical of Dad he was making jokes about it by the next day.

5 months later, the second time he fell, he was not so lucky. When I got the call this time, I knew, I knew that something had to change. He is so independent, and I understand that, but I need to find some sort of safety net


We brought David and his Father Tom on to our beta program and installed an early test solution. David and Tom helped in so many ways with the development, David’s input helped define the family’s needs and Tom, well, Tom certainly had fun keeping us on our toes by checking it was working, lots!

Today, it’s great to know that Tom is keeping well and feels comfortable with the Konsie solution which is currently installed in his living room only. David has peace of mind that not only if there is an accident, then he would know instantly, but more importantly it’s just nice to know that all is OK.

“Never again do I want to receive a call from a stranger or a hospital. I might not be able to be physically there all the time, but with Konsie, when he needs me, I can support him instantly and not rely on luck”


David and Tom will also work with us on our Smart Home Integration Beta Plan… stay tuned