About us

We all know how technology and particularly A.I. is changing healthcare. Hospitals around the world are starting to see the benefits of A.I. within many applications, for example, the automatic reviewing of MRIs scans and early detection of critical conditions.

Konsie is passionate about using A.I. within the home to help maintain the wellbeing and independence of our aging population, keeping people out of hospital and healthy longer.

This is an exciting and new approach with many avenues to explore and solutions to provide. Our goal is to offer a solution that covers many common concerns and conditions found today. Offering a security blanket for the individual, valuable information to their health support teams and peace of mind for their family.

Konsie’s team are highly experienced in innovating and delivering technology and have pioneered a new approach to activity recognition utilising non-intrusive thermal and ODIR imagery. This provides the foundation to a new generation of solutions which can silently monitor day-to-day activity completely autonomously. Meaning that the user is not required to carry, self-alert or have any technical interaction whatsoever.

With NHS information and discussion, the secondary goal is for the solution to offer ‘predictive’ information via analytical pattern recognition. For example, detecting mobility trends to hopefully predict risk of falls or the need to increase in-home care etc.

The Team

Mark Klarzynski
Mark Klarzynski:

An experienced leader with decades of experience of innovating and bringing high-end technology to market. Mark has a proven track record of driving multiple technology new-starts from initial concept through to acquisition by global organisations and has been responsible for the development of some of the world’s leading IT / Digital solutions.

Mark is known for his vision and innovations that have spearheaded change. With experience of over 25 years of leading 3 companies from small UK start-up to global success. Mark’s vision for ‘Healthcare starting at Home’ is the footprint of Konsie.


Mark Ruijter
Mark Ruijter:

Internationally acclaimed programming and development skills. Mark brings the skill and connections needed to transition advanced A.I. and data analytics into Healthcare. Mark has taken exceptional difficult tasks faced within Healthcare and simplified them.



Lukasz Jurewicz
Lukasz Jurewicz:

Lukasz has worked with Mark for over a decade, ensuring that even the most complex of technology can be packaged and used within any condition. Konsie requires a zero-customer interaction and so his skills have been tested to the max over the last 24 months



Jody Kirk
Jody Kirk:

Jody Kirk is a growth executive with extensive experience in business development and strategy while driving new product initiatives. Jody’s role within Konsie has been to develop the interaction and cooperation with global vendors.



Ian Hazeldine
Ian Hazeldine:

Ian is a Chartered Accountant with extensive hands-on experience in the legal sector, currently employed as Finance Partner for a quality, niche Solicitors' ABS. Previously he has had board level responsibility for Accounts, Marketing, HR, IT, Facilities and Costs within dynamic Solicitors' practices. He has extensive previous experience of operating in various types of "people businesses", coaching and mentoring front line staff.

Ian has served as a non-executive director of several IT companies culminating in multi-million pound trade sales of the businesses to acquisitive competitors.